Maverick Concepts

Cut Reference Guide


Two angled cuts that create a V shape and leaves a thin abount of material so the materal can be folded. Used with foam, carboard, and accusti-x. Can be a 15°, 22.4°, 32.5°, or 45° angle.

Double V-Cut

Used to have material fold over with no gap.

Bevel Cut

Also called a Miter Cut. Cut through the material at either a 15°, 22.4°, 32.5°, or 45° angle.

Rout Cut

Uses a drill bit to cut through hard materials.


Cut on line. Can cut all the way through but not nessisarily. Usually used on hard surfaces like acrylic.

Drill Center

Create holes in material from a center measurement.

Channel Cut

Also Called a Dado Cut.

Bull Nose Cut

Also called a round cut.


Create a shallow line on paper thin materials for folding.

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